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New Features & Upgrade of Software



Released: February 2, 2010

  Search Criteria Window
Fixed the problem with Internet Explorer 8 putting the Search Criteria window behind the Search Manager window.

Additional Transaction Tracking
Added the ability to track "Scan On Demand" transactions

Expanded Saving Search Results on Excel
Fixed problem with large search results not being able to save as an Excel document

Released: June 26, 2009

  Simplified Orders Process
Add / View orders in a much simpler way.

Stewart Patriot & Fraud Report
After you have completed a Name Search, you can now “Right-Click” on the name and select to run a report using the Stewart Patriot & Fraud system.

Google Maps
After you have completed a Address Search, you can now “Right-Click” on the address and select to view on Google Maps.

Missing Image Path Reporting in eMail
The path was added to the missing image email.

Released: May 18, 2009


The following are features that have been added or modified from prior versions of the software.

  1. Search Criteria Options:
    Types - All / Conveyances / Encumbrances - Fixed
    Assignments & Releases  - New option to Include (Filter Land). Same as include except that only the related documents that also match the land criteria being searched will be shown.
    Display Exact Legal -  This option will set the search results to only display the searched legal in the land results.
    Include Null Arbs -  If you are searching land with a specific legal description that includes a specific Arb and you select this option, you will get documents that match your search criteria whether the Arb is indexed or not.
  2. Name Lookup  -   This button was renamed from Phone Book.
  3. Name Searches  -   If in the past, you perfomed name searches using the "%" (Wildcard), you should now consider using the following because of the way eTitleSearch searches business names verses personal names:
    For example:
    If the business is called American General Finance. Sometimes it was indexed from the documents as American General Finance. Sometimes it was indexed as American General Finance, Inc. It is the same entity, but the recorded documents don't always have the name exactly the same (some with Inc, some without.)
    You should do the following search:
    American General%,%
    With Legacy & Search Blank First Name selected
    This way you will be sure to get results either with a "," or not.
    The publishing provider may need to be contacted for additional information.
  4. Multi-Page Tiff Images  -   Added feature for publishing clients that are accessing images from third-party data that is using multi-page tiff images.
  5. Hit Limit Warning Message  -   eTitleSearch now has the ability to enable a "Hit" limit warning message This will allow the customer to know how many hits they are about to receive By clicking on the "OK" button the customer will be billed for the preset fees, if they click "Cancel" they will not be billed for this search, and can resubmit a new search with different search criteria.
  6. No Charge on "Date Down" Requests  -   Order clients can perform a "Date Down" by clicking the "Update" button without being charged. This option is enabled by the publishing customer.
  7. Internet Explorer 8

     -   Microsoft has fixed the problem using the "Tab" key in Internet Explorer 7 forms. eTitleSearch Professional clients that are having a problem using the "Tab" key in the Order window can upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 to restore this feature.

  8. eTSFileTransfer -  eTitleSearch now has the ability to use our eTSFileTransfer application to allow our publishing customer to use the production TitleSearch image library for eTitleSearch customers without having to open secured ports. 

Released: January 2nd, 2008

PayPal services now be used for eTitleSearch Credit Card process
  Ultima, a division of PropertyInfo has changed its credit card process to using PayPal. If you are paying for access using a credit card, you will now see a line on your credit card statement that shows "PropertyInfo".

Released: December 14, 2007

eTitleSearch Image Hosting Services moved to new Data Center at Gamma
  In a combined effort, Ultima & First Data Systems (PropertyInfo.com) has created a new data center. This data center will provide additional services and high quality equipment.
  Allof our eTitleSearch published counties that had been hosted at either our Ultima or Nashville data centers has been moved to our new hosting center at Gamma.

Released: August 20, 2007

Updated Nickname Listing
  Ultimacontinues to update the nickname file that allows additional names to be searched.
  Becauseof our continued services national, Ultima has updated its NickName file to include additional names.

Released: April 2, 2006

Ultima & Publishing Customer Banner Ads
  Each published database on eTitleSearch.com offers two banners. A banner on the left and on the right. The banner on the left is advertisers that our company presents to the website. The banner on the right is set by our publishing customer. The publishing customers banner can either be an ad for their company or one that they choose.

Released: February 1, 2006

eTitleSearch Professional (Version 4)
  • Company level Advanced Search Analysis Setup
  • Additional End-User Options
  • Web User Interface Application
  Ultima is proud to announce "eTitleSearch Professional" version 4.00. This version includes the following new features:
  • Company level Advanced Search Analysis Setup
    • Allows each company to setup ASA criteria to be used by their company
  • Additional End-User Option Limits
    • Instrument Types
    • Range of Dates
    • eMail / Print / Save Images
    • Can see all orders for company
    • Sharing of Starters / Orders
  • WebUser Interface
  • Allows clients to set company searching options by user

Released: May 25, 2005

eTitleSearch Professional
  Ultima is proud to announce "eTitleSearch Professional". This version includes the following new features:
  • Order-centric
  • AIM for Windows Integration
  • Advanced Search Analysis
  • Global Map basic on property address
  New Look
  eTitleSearch has a new look, and new technology that makes the clients navigation easier.

Released: Feb 10, 2005

New Look
  Additional Search Features
  Imaging Features
  Expanded Usage Report
  Updated User Guide
  New Look -The site has a new look. Additional links and pages to enhance the clients visit
  Additional Search Features - Clients can narrow a search by using the new "Instrument Type" speed list
  New Imaging Features
  • Our new imaging solution allows clients to preview all of the requested images using our "Thumbnail" feature
  • Our new invert feature allows clients to invert the document from legacy systems "White" text on a "Black" background before printing, saving or emailing
  • The new Magnify Glass Feature allows clients to "Double-Click" anywhere within the document to expand what the client is viewing
  Expanded Usage Report - Clients can produce expanded usage reports based on dates
  Updated User Guide - We have updated our user guide to provide current updates

Released: June 11, 2004

Additional Search Features. Remote Access of Databases & Images. Exciting New Look
  New Look - Our new version has a whole new look & feel.
  Additional Internet Security - For security reasons, we have moved where users type in their Login Name & Passwords.
  Printing - Users can request the Search Results listing to print as a spread sheet.
  Downloads Faster - New technology allows eTitleSearch faster download speeds
  Auto Key - We have added an F5 function to the Date to field. This will auto insert todays date
  Additional Search Features - Users can now search using a Property Address

Released: June 19, 2003

Search Manager & Advanced Search Analysis
  We are very proud to release our newest version of eTitleSearch. We have added some new features that were requested from our clients.  We are proud to release it on our Internet system.We have added a new feature: Search Manager. We have also added the ability to perform a hyperlink from any of the parties within the Search Manager. This will help to continue the searching process without creating a new search.
  A modification to our document viewer has been completed. Clients now have the ability to view documents in a separate window from the search results listing. This will make the search/document viewing process more productive.


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